Sunday, April 1, 2007

Showcase Woes.

Dear LA and NY agents and casting directors:

Does it *really* matter what I wear during showcase? Is it going to make you want to give me a job more? How about I just show up in my "I do my own stunts" T shirt, some cute cargos, and mary janes and I'll save us both the embarassment of pretending to be something I'm not. Oh-I'll even put on some make-up if it'll help you see that I can indeed clean up pretty well. But please. The process of coming to meet you has been slowly eating my soul and is ruining the end of my year. At least it's almost over. Maybe one of you will send me home with a business card. Or maybe I should just chalk this up to a little trip to LA and NY and I should just fucking enjoy it. Perhaps.

Love, Sarah

p.s., I'm not blonde, I'm not tall, I won't be wearing a push-up bra, and my ass won't be hanging out of my skirt. I probably won't even be WEARING a skirt. If I get a meeting with you, I'll mostly likely offend you by speaking my truth. I want to do amazing live theatre and bloody suspense action thriller horror movies. I hope you don't mind.
at least it's going to be over soon...then i'll get to enjoy my last few months (2 months...oh my god...) of grad school without having to worry about this CRAP anymore.
gee, i hope no NY and LA agents or casting directors read this. hmm. maybe i should make it slightly more...uh...secret? *sigh*
Betty's Summer Vacation just ended. it was such a fun show. one in a long time that was just a ball to do. i love that.
well, at least i'll get back into my regular gym routein again. i seem to be expanding. $(*#!*(@#.

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