Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The General.

Me and my little brother started a tradition a few years ago. It is a tradition of Monster Marshmellow Men. Today, it came to a peak that I could never have even drempt of.

This all started innocently enough, me just wanting to have a little bit of fun with a snack that I made him.
This is a smore sized marshmellow, with a face drawn on with permanent marker, eating a cucumber. It's just for decoration.

I continued to make him little Monster Marshmellow Men during the following years. Putting them on his breakfast plates at birthdays, family dinners, and in plastic bags in travel cases when he'd go traveling for school.

Recently, I made him an entire brigade of Monster Marshmellow Men when he came home for Thanksgiving. You know, for protection. Or something.

I used the mini kind of marshmellows for said project, and placed them in a bag under his door for him to find on his way back to school. On the top of the bag it said "sealed for your protection". Because, you know, Monster Marshmellow Men can be quite tempremental and dangerous.

Then, this morning, on X-Mas, there was a new box under the tree that read NO SHAKING NO TOUCHING DO NOT MOVE which for me is hella hard because my favorite thing in the world is shakey-feelies.
I waited and waited to see what it was. It was from my little brother. The clue (we write each other clues and riddles on all of our x-mas presents to each other) said something about how he knows I "don't like sweets but could probably make an exception this time".
He made a large presentation about opening the box, carefully untaping the sides and holding it in the same position. Something very fragile inside no doubt, I thought.

What was revealed to me made me laugh harder than I maybe ever have in my entire life. Tears streaming down my face and stomach hurting from the sheer force of it.
I gave him the Brigade. He gave me a General.
It's a huge model magic foam sculpture of a Monster Marshmellow Man, in a container that use to hold some sort of clock like structure. The tag reads "The General. Sealed for your protection".

It even has a little green army hat and a fake plastic gun on the side. As you can see.

Here's a a photo of the scale of this thing. Next to it you'll see one of the Brigade.

Christmas rocks.


Scan said...

Glad you like it.
Long live the Marshmallow Army.

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