Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snacks. Does a Body Good.

Ok. Let's talk about the yummiest snacks for ACL Soothingness. (I seem to be making up words left and right.)

Firstly, lets discuss "Frozen Protein Pudding". Or, "Open Up THIS Can of Whoop-Ass, Jello, Because My Pudding Pops Trump ALL".

First, a Magic Bullet blender is helpful because the baby blender cup is the perfect size. If not, I'll deal. Or rather, YOU will deal.

3 regular sized ice cubes into the cup. Add 1/3 cup of cold skim milk. Blend until smooth. There will be loud sounds. It's ok.

Add 2 tablespoons of instant (oh man, make sure it's the Instant kind) chocolate pudding powder and 2 scoops (or whatever the serving size of your protein mix is) of chocolate whey protein. I've never tried this concoction with soy but I'm sure it'd work too.

Put the blender lid back on (a simple yet critical step) and blend until it's a very light mocha color and it sounds smooth. Don't know what smooth sounds like? You'll know. Trust me. It'll "expand" and almost touch the top of the cup when it's ready.

You can eat it right then and there OR you could put a lid on it (heh. yeah. PUT A LID ON IT MISTER!) and freeze it for a few hours. I recommend this. Mmm. Proteiney goodness. *Homer drool sounds*

Also, bites of these things topped with slices of banana seriously taste like some sort of cookie pie amazingness. Again, highly recommended and many less steps involved. Unless you're a cat. Then you couldn't open the wrapper because you don't have thumbs. I think the vicodin is kicking in again.

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