Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8 Weeks.

Happy 8 Weeks ya'll. Hey new ACL, you've been in my body for 2 whole months. How do you like it in there? Can you hurry up and get all the way better so that I can do my normal stuff again? Like weighted squats and one knee hangs on trapeze? Mkaythnks.

I've been doing yoga every morning with Ana Forrest. It's fucking awesome.

And I've been too busy trying to "catch up" with life, working 4 or so jobs...not sure how I'm doing it, but I am. Somehow.

Fighting off a coldcoughowmythroati'msooverthesebugsgoingaroundthisyearUGH. Hopefully the zycam will help get it out of my system faster.

It's strange. A few days ago my knee was feeling really good (that side attachment thing still hurt but it's slowely healing, I think/hope.) and then for the past 2 days it was all stabby and "fat" feeling. I irritated it somehow (not at yoga, but I believe, at work...from standing up and squatting down a bunch of times every day in the presentations) and aparently that "fat" feeling is swelling/fluid in the joint. GREAT. I iced it last night and it's feeling a bit better today. The un-fucking-ending saga. I had a different PT yesterday because my normal one is on vacation. Seriously, would've been better off not seeing him. He was doing things all "wrong". The stretches didn't feel good, he didn't know my body, it was just...weird. Sigh.

It seems like forever ago. 2 months is a long time. It isn't a long time. Soon it'll be 10 weeks, then 15, then 6 months, then 3 years, then I'll read this blog one day before going out on stage or before performing my totally bad ass rope act in front of hundreds of people and think "wow. good thing I got that taken care of back then."

I hope that day is sooner.

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Josh Hawkins said...

Umm...I'm happy you have four jobs....?

Yeah, call me when you can.