Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life. Or Something.

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Or some other steaming pile of bullshit.
I'm dizzy from this rollercoaster ride I'm on. Up Down Side Down Up Up Ok Down Down CartAlmostFallsOffTheTrack Up Ok Down. I'm currently in a Down.

Knee injury+lots of opinions+being told I need to work with my eyes on this show instead of being in it+two nights of fever dreams+hormones+not being able to train+more opinions+friends who are mostly scattered across the country+probably surgery in a few weeks=A Not So Happy Sarah. at the moment.

Trying to keep my spirits up blah blah blah fuckyoublah blah.

On the other hand, a client called me today to ask me about apartments that I have available and proceeded to tell me that he's been a manager at foot locker for 5 years and "needs two bedrooms because I [he] have a shoe fetish and need a lot of space for them all."

Uh. Thanks dude. I'm just your rental agent. Not your therapist or priest.

*large sigh*

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