Friday, February 15, 2008


3 days until Gnometenna removal. Or, Gnome Excavation, as my sister said the other day.

It's irritating. They said I need to "walking to surgery saying that I don't need surgery". Well, I understand what they mean now. My knee doesn't feel "right", but it does feel like my knee again. It's a little wonky and achey still....sort of occasionally giving me the StopWalkingAroundOnUnevenIceandSnowPlease feeling. And I can't bend it all the way (like, yoga HeelToButt stretch) without some tenderness, but it feels pretty strong and...meh. I dunno.

Oh. About the first sentence.

My siblings and I are really into imagery and funny pictures and we've decided that the reason my knee hurts and that it was spasming a few weeks ago was because there are gnomes in there building an antenna...which would explain the psychic dream I had about some friends of mine. So anyway they know that the end is near and their construction project (the Gnome Antenna, or, "Gnometenna") will be disrupted so they're starting to get angry. My sister said that we should build them a home (or, a "Gnome Dome") for after surgery so that they'll have somewhere to go. Knowing my sister, she probably actually Will build something...and I'm not going to lie, it's going to make me laugh after sugery. And I'll probably really need it. Yeah. Definately not going to lie...I'm getting a little nervous about it. But I'm trying to stay positive. A month ago I felt like the world was ending (being injured is scary!) and it's been exactly a month and things are clearly healing and everything's going to be ok yadayada. Tryin' to see the forrest...

It's the not knowing what to expect that gets me. And the needing to be dependent on people. And needing my friends to be around to remind me that I'm not going to be forgotten or left behind or whatever. I hate needing those things. *shrugs*.

So, this might turn into an ACL blog (by the way, what does the "B" in "blog" stand for? Like, I understand that one keeps a "log" of events...but "B-log"? Shouldn't it Elog?) for a while.

Blink Blink.
I'm going to go buy some pillows.

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