Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gnometenna Removal Complete.

Yay! I'm alive! No more gnomes! I can even flex my quad! And walk with no cruches because my meniscus was "awesome". Woot. (Not that it feels all that amazing to walk at this point, and my knee is immobilized in a straight position) but I *can*...which is cool.

I just woke up from a vicodin induced nap and also just finished my first "cold cycle" with my awesome sweet Game Boy machine aka My New Boyfriend. (actually I think it's called "Game Ready" polar pump but I called it a Game Boy right after surgery and the name seems to have stuck. I also called it a Game Master but I don't remember when.) It's a huge basically full leg (I have short legs. SHUT UP!) cuff that circulates cold water around your leg and gives you a little bit of compression. It feels sweet. And cold. Like ICE CREAM!

Not going to lie, before drugs kicked in it sort of hurt. Not really any more horribly than like, heel hangs and circus rope burns, but it hurt in a "hmmm, I don't understand this type of pain" way. It wasn't unbearable, but I was very glad when V to the Max kicked in. Heh. Kick. I had knee surgery. heh heh.

But also, I'm sure it's still numb from whatever the hell they put in the actual joint itself, so I'm not going to be all cocky (heh heh. cock.) about pain tolerance until like, 3 days from now. But RIGHT NOW it's feeling ok. I can definately tell where they put the scope in, it feels like how a deep cut feels. But it's all bandaged to hell so I can't even see what's going on under there yet.
Cassie-Moo (my cat) is being the best nurse EVER, and layed down across my stomach/lap and took a nap with me. I think she liked the sound of My New Boyfriend and also she just knows things.

I was very brave for the IV and actually didn't get really nervous at all until they wheeled me into the (very cold) room with all the machines and instruments and things. But then the anestesiologist (my Other new boyfriend) was all "I put a sedative in your IV about 15 seconds ago so you'll feel nice and relaxed in about 10 seconds." He was asking me if I get nauseated from alcohol and was like, "Uh...I mean...if I overdo it or something...." (The other nurses in the room seemed to think that was very funny for some reason) and he was like, "no I mean if you have like, 2 drinks or something." Nope. All set there. I like how I feel after 2 drinks! (They also thought that was funny.) So we were talking and I was talking about yoga or drinking or something and I suddenly felt more relaxed and wonderful than I have in like, months (like euphoric relaxed) and I don't remember falling asleep but I did, aparently...and then I was waking up sitting in a bed. What the fuck!? Awesome, right?

The nurses were super nice and I was the superstar of the day, being a trapeze artist and all. They thought that was pretty cool.

When the first nurse was asking me all sorts of questions about an hour before I asked him if they knew who the graft was from (like, if it was a girl or guy or whatever) and he said that he didn't know if that information is written anywhere but he'd see. About 10 minutes before they wheeled me into the room he popped is head through the curtain and said "31 year old female." I was like, "huh? I'm 24." (No, I wasn't on any drugs yet.) "Oh...(giggles) no..." he said "the graft... 31 year old female." *thinks about that for a minute*.

So, a few hours after and I'm much more lucid and whatever than I thought I'd be, can definately feel that I had knee surgery but (knocking on wood) pain is being managed (*snort* I'm a trapeze artist after all.) and I'm just looking forward to healing.

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