Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here Comes the Sun.

Or...actually...puke. Here comes the puke. And nausea. Actually, I don't really have anything to throw up in my system, so it's mostly just horrible fucking nausea. Note to self, eat if you're taking vicodin. But I did eat! (I thought) I had a whole 4 egg whites, a piece of toast, some cottage cheese and a few pieces of banana. Yeah. Not enough when you're poppin' the narcotics.

I've just managed to get 3/4 of a piece of toast down. It's sort of helping, but sort of also making me feel like I'm just giving my body something to get rid of. Maybe it'll stick.

I'd rather deal with a painful knee than nausea. I think I'll alternate the vicodin with something less barf-inducing. Nausea is the worst feeling, in my book.

Cassie-Moo slept at my side last night and comes in to check on me at least twice every hour, if she's not already in here. Cats are so damn smart I don't even understand it. She knows her mama doesn't feel good. She's awesome.

Breathing and getting rid of the nausea is first on the agenda this morning. Then Boyfriend Machine and then maybe some light ROM (range of motion) stuff.

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