Thursday, February 28, 2008

Note To Self.

Note To Self:

For fuck's sake, take some pain medicine before you do your phyiscal therapy! It helps so much!

Love, Sarah

The Little Black Raincloud has lifted a little today. A little grumbly still, but hey, my right leg doesn't work right. So I'm allowed to grumble. *grumble grumble*. Ok I'm done.

I changed my own ice machine today (look mommy I can dress myself! sheesh.) so that was cool. My first PT of the day was hard, and I was frustrated. My second PT of the day was after I hadn't iced in about 2 hours (so my leg was a physically warmer) and I had some medicine in my system. It was so much better. I could hardly believe the difference. There were a few factors at play, but the bending was a breath-throughable pain rather than an OK STOP MkAY NOW. I think on my second session I got farther than 91 degrees. But I don't have a Gnomeometer to tell me.

I've been experiementing with what 1/2 a pill feels like, what 1 pill feels like, and what 2 are like. I have come to the following conclusion:
1/2 takes the edge off, and makes it sore instead of eh...stabby? Throbby? It's hard to describe.
1 makes it not hurt, makes PT a lot easier, and only sort of makes me forget what day it is.
2 makes my body float away, my brain in need of a sweater shaver, and very very sleepy.

It's nice, because last week, 2 took the edge off and made me forget what day it was. Not a good combo, if you ask me. Ignorance was a little bit bliss last week as far as not knowing where I needed to get to or the difficulty behind it, but at least now I know and the progress has started.

I'm excited for the next few days to work on my own on the Bend and then see where I'm at on Monday. A friend of mine called today to check in and said she'd bring me to rehearsal on Sunday if I was up for it. I thought that was very sweet of her.

Maybe I should paint a little bit tonight.

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Josh Hawkins said...

Hell, you've got the time, paint a little every night. That's just me though.

And as for your "color study", some day I'll tell you about my weak stomach. I touched raw chicken the other night without gagging once, I was pretty proud of myself. Happily I neither bruise nor bleed easily, as I'm sure it's "unmanly" to have explain why you just passed out from the site of your own blood from a paper cut. ;)