Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Hero Takes A Shower. *edited*

Edit to add: The WOMBATS told me that I bent to 91 degrees today! Woot! (Yeah, it hurt, and took some warming up to get there. Not gunna lie.) Continuing to our regularly scheduled program:

In this episode, we join our hero after she's taken a shower and gotten more than just the top of her head wet (mom helped me wash my hair with the doggie shower attachment last week) for the first time since Gnome Removal Day 2008 (last Tuesday).

It was nice, and sort of weird to stand there without the immobilizer on. (Every time I type that word I think of a baby's mobile that sings little songs and spins around and around.) I couldn't bend my leg enough to clear the side of the tub so there was a lot of like, swinging it over and trying not to kill myself. I never imagined how useful those little shower and bathroom bar things were/could be until I actually thought "hey, this would be a lot easier with one of those shower bar things."
I also got all upset during said shower because my right calf does look considerably smaller, in just 1 week.. I haven't noticed it because I've only seen it sitting down straight out in front of me sort of smushed on the ground (which makes both look bigger anyways). Out of the immobilizer is was weird to see. I secretly really love my calf muscles. I know it'll come back (along with the definition in my quad) but it was just...weird. I pride myself on really knowing my body and it's been a strange week trying to like, learn a new language. It's my body, I get that...very little has changed...but I feel like it sort of got a crash course in some secret code that I was asleep for. Quite literally, asleep for. I'll learn it. And do a lot of calf raises when I can.

PT in a few. I should put on something besides shorts and a t-shirt. I wish it would stop being so damn cold outside.

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