Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Twitch of 2008.

Ok. So.
When you're starting to doze off in front of a movie, try really really hard not to twitch (you know, the "falling asleep twitch".) Because I don't think that it was my right leg that actually did all the moving, but it certainly moved with the rest of my body. And Holy Shit. After taking such careful care on how quickly I've been moving it (aka, turtle pace)...the Twitch of 2008 pretty much made any and all vicodin that was attempting to work instantly wear off. Joy.

My hamstring and quad has really been sore today. They told me it would happen. I don't understand the mechanics. I believed them, I was just thinking "maybe it won't if it hasn't by now." Well, today was the now. Actually to remember correctly I seem to think that I complained about my hamstring as I was waking up in recovery. Like...a tiny little section of it. (No, didn't get the hammy just hurt for whatever reason.)

After the drugs magically stopped working from the Twitch of 2008, I was sort of squirmy and teary and my mom came in to help me put on my boyfriend to make it feel better. She had sent me an e-mail with funny cat and puppy pictures in silly sleeping positions. I instantly logged in to and we laughed and laughed. I'm telling you, it was better than vicodin. Srysly.

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