Monday, March 31, 2008

New Everything.

New apartment
New jobs
New everything

It's both intimiating and great. Trying to rebuild routiens and get into a groove of some sort. I know I'll feel better once things are settled a little. Are things *ever Really* settled?

Six weeks post op tomorrow. Had an appointment with the Doc today. He said that I'm "rock solid" and to "keep taking it slow". I asked him "what can I do??" and he said "nothing that you want to do." HardyHarHar. Thanks man. It's ok. I keep thinking it's been a lot longer than it really has been.

I *feels* like a lot longer than it really has been.

It's strange. My body takes Mondays and Tuesday to decide to make progress. Like, I see "improvement" on Monday and Tuesdays. (Something will hurt less, I can bend it more, etc. etc.) It's cool. And sort of weird that my body seems to be on that specific of a clockwork type feeling.

Though, speaking of clockwork, I seem to wake up either at 7:39, 8:39, or 6:09. Every. Day.
I do like the number 9. It's my favorite, actually. I just think it's a little...well...odd. (Literally.)



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