Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost a Quarter.

So, after yesterday's WHAT THE FUCK, LIFE?! I decided to really let today just be a new day.

I had PT today and have been spending most of the day dealing with bills (oh my god don't ever tear your ACL. I'm worth more dead than alive.) Exel spread sheets (my dad taught me some great tricks on that program), budgeting for the show, and trying to get some work done that I've been putting off for weeks.
I want to be able to do a lot of apartment stuff tomorrow. It's my birthday, I should be able to spend it doing fun stuff. I keep getting people who don't believe how old I am when I tell them that it's my "golden birthday tomorrow!" (Ok guess how old I am) One of the interns at physical therapy didn't believe me. WHAT?!! One of the girls said. Really?!?! Somone else thought I was in my teens the other day. I guess I'm lucky that I have nice skin or something. Or that I'm short and chubby. Grr.

I successfully trained my first client this morning. No one died, he sweated a lot, and I think I was a little shy but the confidence with that will come with time. I think i'm going to enjoy that job...assuming I can get a little more of a "regular" schedule with them.

My body had a fight or flight response in PT today.
We were working on the layingonyourstomachbendingyourlegtotouchyourheeltoyourbutt stretch that made me cry a few weeks ago...and the hamstring stuff just fucking hurts so much...and I consider myself to have pretty high pain tolerance, but my therapist was really pushing it today and she got to that point when you're stretching where it starts to feel really hot and uncomfortable and OhMyGodICan'tBreatheDangerDangerABORTABORTStopOHStop! And then your muscles tense up and the comment she made was "wow...your heart is racing...I can feel it behind your leg!" But she kept at it and quietly encouraged me to relax and quickly started asking me questions to destract me. And you know what? It actually sort of worked. Funny how well your brain can multi-task but the pain center and the Try-And-Remember-What-You-Did-This-Weekend must be in a similar area of the brain because once I started to try and remember the pain was less...well...insane. When I flipped over onto my back for the other bending stuff, it felt like I had just run a marathon. Literally. My legs were jello. So. Fucking. Weird.

We got past the BodyWantsToJumpThroughPlateGlassWindowInFrontOfMe stage and I felt things just stretch instead of ohGod. It still hurt, but it was a managable hurt. Mostly. JesusH. But I'm about 3 inches away from my heel touching my butt. With a lot of help. And a lot of pain. Still quite a ways to go. But it's something.

What a strange place to be [strike] I didn't think I'd be spending my [strike] My birthdays have been so radically different from each other for the past few years. [strike]
hmm. no. I think that last one is right.

My birthdays have been so radically different from each other for the past few years.

So I have a question. When I turn 25, does my ACL turn 32? (Remember, the graft--that whole "31 year old female thing...) Is the ACL's birthday on the day of surgery? Should I really not worry about it?

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