Sunday, June 8, 2008

Calendar Days.

Anniversaries are strange.

I'm not sure exactly how many weeks it's been since the New ACL of 2008 happened...but what I do know is that this morning when I stretched my legs out of the fetal position that I normally sleep in, my knee didn't feel like it needed to "spring back" from being almost felt like stretching the other one. That was a nice change of pace. I hope it lasts.

Four years is a long time to have something out of your life, that was once a big part of it. Sorry, I'm being cryptic, I'm aware of that.

I'm going to go to the trapeze space and practice until my hands bleed.

1 comment:

Josh Hawkins said...

Happy Anniversary.

(apparently my memory isn't so good, I thought it was yesterday.)

Have a good practice, and your anniversary does make me smile. Thanks.