Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I usually don't drink caffeinated coffee. It's not something I want to get dependent on, and it dehydrates you, and blah blah blah.
Today, the weather is maybe the nicest it's been in, oh, all year. No ya'll. Srsly. It sort of makes me sad, as I feel like it'll never be this nice ever again, but that's probably mostly not true. If it stayed Just. Like. This. for the next few weeks, I'd deal with whatever the hell else the summer could throw at me. Bring it on, as long as it could be like this for just a Few.More.Days.

Some day, I honestly think I might be bipolar. No really. I'm not "trying to joke about it" or whatever. Based on how fast I'm typing and how zonkey (yeah, I just invented a word) I'm feeling, I really think I might be. In the last hour or so, I've decided that I want to buy a condo on the street where I just had brunch with one of my favorite people, even though I'm not Quite trendy enough for it...I want to have brunch at outdoor cafes every single day, I want to put some purple highlights in my hair, I want to do this that and the other, not show up at work, be snarky at the audition I have today (because honestly, being the short chubby girl who's suppose to look "edgy but not too sexy" I could probably get away with it), and go out partying tonight. Not that I have the money to do any of those things...but I'm suddenly feeling all TakeOverTheWorldRIGHTNOW...which when coupled with how I felt yesterday (let's not even talk about it), makes me think that I'm really am a little...uh...all over the place.
Or, I could chalk it up to the weather being awesome and the fact that I probably had just a few too many cups of regular coffee today. I always boasted that "caffeine doesn't effect me! ha HA!"...but maybe that's because I usually only have an 8 ounce cup of coffee of it. Yeah...I'm feeling a little bit like I'm on some sort of fasty-drug. Fasty? Really Sarah? I'm inventing words all over the place today.
Oh man I'm going to go back outside RIGHT NOW. I want to go run around. Too bad I can't really do that with my knee being all blunked still.
Yeah. I just invented another word. I should quit while I'm ahead. This post might go on private at some point. It's a little...uh...weird.

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Josh Hawkins said...

Yep, keep you away from coffee, got to keep you away from coffee for sure. Good to know.

Also, as a heads up, go to a party sometime, a non-actor, non-aerialist party, there are such things. Wait till the conversation turns to what you do, what you can do, make sure there is a group of people talking, listening. Put lots of details in. Every woman in the room is going to shoot you a dirty look and every man...yeah, just trust me there, oh trust me.... ;)