Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall, Late.

I love fall. I felt so creative on Monday (the first day). I had one of the best aerial rehearsals that I've had probably since before Gnometenna Removal of 2008.

Speaking of the Little ACL That Could, it's been 7 months since surgery. And I'm getting ready for an aerial performance on November 1st. Cool huh?

Can't say that it's 100 percent, because it's not, but I'll wait until 1 year has passed until I start to get *really* annoyed. I'm not gigging as much as I want to [uh...strike that...] At All, but hopefully once I get this act together I'll be on the radar a little more. It's getting frustrating. Not going to lie.

I'm being overwhelmed with these huge feelings of self doubt in regards to 2 seperate classes/workshops coming up that I'm going to be participating in. One is an audition class and the other is a "masters" scene study. I'm being overwhelmed with huge feelings of self doubt in regards to these two things. Did I already say that? Springfield is a part of us all...a part of us all...a part of us all...

I wish the damn leaves would start their changin' already. I wish a lot of things. That's the one that is pretty likely will happen whether I do something about it or not.

Hmm. How hopeless of me.

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Maddy Hardwick said...

Hey Sarah, I have recently had acl reconstruction and meniscus repair, and am also a circus artist. I specialise in swinging trapeze, static and a bit of doubles but i also like to do some acro too. I was jusy wondering if you could tell me how everything went? My physio said he wasn't sure about trapeze because he's never treated it before, have you had any problems from hanging off your leg? Lets say, would a toe hang be fine? Hocks? Or if I'm doung doubles any throws to catch by my feet/ 1 foot? I'm feeling major low and just want to know what you found was possible. I hope you're fully recovered now and trainings going well. Maddy Hardwick (full name incase you can add me on fb)