Thursday, August 30, 2007

Up Down Practice.

what comes up, must come down, i guess.

a bit. strike. a lot of let down after the festival. problem with flying that high is the fall back to "real" life. if i want that to be my real life...i have to make it so, i guess.

more let down at an audition today. i need more practice. i really need more practice. my biggest actor habit is getting "performey" instead of "doing" it. it's like the difference between a stand up comedian and someone who's naturally funny. you don't want to be the stand up comic in an audition.
at least i got to try it again. "night and day" she said. thanks. sigh.

"every time you come into an audition, you're there to work. anyone worth their salt will be able to tell the difference between working through and nerves."

so, the next step. how to take my mantra and apply it. i get to try again next week.

here's to ease.


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