Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aloft Training.

and now, a conversation between me and Shayna last night at Chinese pole rehearsal (no, i'm not stripping now. MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!) :

Shayna: ok now, this trick is called "Shayna's Downfall".
Me: ::blink blink::
Shayna: this is the one i tore my intercostal muscle on and was on the couch unable to move for 8 weeks.
Me: ::blink blink:: proceeds to try it and doesn't tear anything but can see how one would on such a trick.

and the other gem of the night:
"this one's called the collarbone crusher...you'll see why after you try it."
oh yes. i understand many things. many many things.

i heart chinese pole. i actually do. it's really fun. i feel like a total bad ass.
oh and p.s., i don't know how those bastards at Cirque do this act with full bodysuits on. i had to practically get naked to expose enough skin to stick to the pole. ::shudders:: oww! it burns us!!

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