Monday, September 24, 2007


a shining review of my weekend:

restorative, got to see old friends that I forgot I missed, hung out with family, had a great audition, and got some much needed rest for my body and spirit.

a scathing review of my airport dinner at Fridays at the Providence Airport:

My server was a very nice young woman. She informed me that their computers were down and that there was an ATM right around the corner. Ok. That's fine. Thanks for letting me know up front and being pleasant about it. One star for that.

I ordered the "Dragonfire Chicken". I'll save you the trip to Friday's and give you what the menu says right here: "plump juicy grilled chicken breast glazed with kung pao sauce over stirfried brown rice with pineapple picco de gallo, mandarine oranges and broccoli with zesty cilantro lime dressing.

Sounds ok, right? And since it's on their "low fat" option (500 calories and 10 grams of fat, not so low but I shudder to think what the stats of the rest of the menu is) I can even feel good
about watching my portion size. And since I can't eat butter (doesn't agree with me) it was nice to hear that the veggies didn't contain any butter or oil in the process of cooking them. (my server even went to check for me. how sweet.)

here's what I got:
two dried out pounded chicken breasts swimming in a thick spicy slimy soup sprinkled with 5 slices of mandarine oranges. oversteamed, luke-warm broccoli (no "zesty cilantro lime dressing to be found) and two giant scoops of salty butter soaked mashed potatoes.
Where was the brown rice? Pineapple picco de gallo? The menu so sneakily mentions that "subsitutions may be necessary , slightly effecting the nutrition information" but COME ON.
First, if it's on the "low fat" menu, don't dick around and substitute 500 calories worth of mashed potatoes. And Second, It's not even CLOSE to what I ordered.
The chef at the airport was asleep or playing jokes or something.

Thanks Fridays, for furthering the cliche that airline food is bad on and off the ground.

I would've been better off with an overpriced protein bar from the magazine stand.

ent nau I weel gou bracdeece maee frensh dialect foh maee audeeshon tudaee.
weesh me loo(g)k.

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Scan said...

sounds like you would have been better eating the magazine stand itself.