Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Movie Moments.

Amy kicked my ass today. But I got to try walking without the immobilizer on, so that was sort of exciting. (strike that. it wasn't actually exciting) a step in the right direction. Then she used this torture device (it wasn't really...but it looked like one) called Ruissian Stim (stimulation) that used electrical impulses to contract my quad. Every time it contracted I had to flex my quad along with it. It's retraining the muscle to work properly, aparently. It felt like little creatures made of brillo pads trying to survive an earthquake on my skin. (Wow. Now there's a description for you.) It felt sort of weird/tickley/strange/not entirely pleasant but more confusingcouldn'treallyputmyfingeronitsocouldn'tdecideifithurtbutreallydidn't type of feeling.

We did a lot of bending stuff as usual. I need to get up to 120 degrees this week. Today I was at 112. Up 4 measley degrees from Monday. I guess it's better than staying the same or going down. It's coming along. She's very encouraging. She did some lottastretching of it today. Eeep. And Ouch.

I had forgotten my new sheet with a new set of exercises upstairs as I was getting into the car, so my mom ran up to get them for me. While I was sitting alone in the back seat (sideways, stupid immobilizer) I saw a shoelace sticking out of the back pocket of the seat next to me. I pulled on it and it was one of my old pairs of circus boots (the right foot, how ironic.)

I just sort of stared at it for a few minutes. Can't say I saw my life flash before my eyes because that would be entirely too melodramatic, but I did get the overwhelming image of everything I've ever put my (specifically) right leg through...very sort of movie-esque. Which is a slightly less dramatic way of saying it but not really.

I always have a sound track going in my head...I thought that everyone must until I one day mentioned it to someone and they used the words "crazy" and "goofball" and "what kinda" strung together in some sort of sentence but I don't really remember what it was because that song "Kryptonite" started playing. You know, the 3 Doors Down one. Anyway.

When I was looking at this shoe, I thought I'd hear "Turn Turn Turn" or something corney as hell like that. But I didn't really hear anything. Just sort of like...a breeze. Light wind. Maybe it's the vicodin. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe the moment was cinematic and full of enough dramatic irony and didn't need anything else to punctuate it.

At least I can trust my brain to not get too sappy on me.

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Jackie said...

Ha! I too always have a soundtrack- well, not ALWAYS, but MOST of the time. Just read your blog and immediately cut to Freddie Mercury: "We Are the Champions".
Thought you'd like to know.