Friday, March 7, 2008

One Twenty.

What's UP 120 degrees today!! Right on target (our goal this week, literally, was 120 degrees.)

Next week and a half I need to get to between 140-150. 145-150 would be total full range. Yikes. I guess it makes sense that every day feels like it goes to the "maximum". Because technically, it does. Just need to keep increasing the maximum, I guess.

I had an audition this morning for a military industrial film (think long commercial) where I had to play a clerk at a car place explaining the need for "extra focus while driving oversees". The script was so corney, but it was fun to do an on-camera. I don't get a lot of those.

I hate to admit it, but let's talk about America's Next Dance Crew for just a second. Uh, srsly? It's so good. I hate generally hate reality TV (like, I won't watch "Idol" or Big Bullshit...err...Brother or anything like that) but, as one of the hosts would say, "lyke, fa'reeel, ya'juss sick'n'fly. ya's haat." I'm rooting for Kaba Modern. I'm sure they're on YouTube. You should check them out.

Anyway. Knee Watch 2008 continues.

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