Monday, March 10, 2008

The Breakup.

I lost my boyfriend today. He was just rented. A temporary. If I had a lot of money I'd buy one and get married. Sadness, I know. But he'll keep some other girl (or guy [?]) company after their leg surgery. Oh how I'll miss his freezing cold hugs, his soft outer layer, his medium pressure massage setting, and the soft purr lulling me away for an hour at a time. Hopefully, I'll never have to see him again (even though I loved him so.) (The link doesn't have a photo of the actual cuff part of the thing. Just the "body" of it, so to speak. It has a long black tube [I should quit while I'm ahead] attached to a big rectangular thing. You can look it up if you'd like.)

123 today. As Amy says "it's gettin' there". The Bend of 2008 is getting harder the closer I get to "full ROM". Full my ass. Until I can hang by one leg again and bring my heel to my butt there's going to be no talk of "full" anything. ::sings the Trying To Stay Positive song:: (whatever that may be.) It's so weird. I felt like today it was bending so much farther. Meh. I started on the stationary bike today. That was weird and cool. I couldn't put it on a setting and I had to pedal so slowly that it kept on "pausing" itself and then re-setting. SCREW YOU YOU STUPID BIKE STOP ASSUMING SHIT ABOUT WHO'S SITTING ON YOU! YOU DON'T KNOW!!
Dumb bike. It doesn't know.

Last pieces of steri-strips got to come off today. The ones covering the "biggest" incision. It's the one with the dissolvable stitches (which I think are dissolved!) right below and to the inside corner of my knee. So crazy. ACL scars (and some are still like this apparently) use to leave you with a huge like, 5-6 inch long line down the middle of your knee. I could care less about scars, but it's interesting what they can do with all this "modern medicine".

Hoping for 130 or better for Wednesday. *fingers crossed*. My nurse cat just climbed into my lap, and I'm not even sitting in my bed. She's the greatest.


Josh Hawkins said...

I was starting to wonder if you had returned to work there (ewww) with the lack of posts. I guess you just post less once the vicadin wears off. :)

Scan said...