Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What They Don't Tell You.

The WOMBATS told me that I'm up to 131 degrees. I should be ecstatic. Should be. But what they don't tell you about "getting your range of motion back" is that it doesn't really include getting the strength back, the flexibility back, and the OwPleaseStopPullingSoMuchWhat'sHappening feeling leaving any time soon. So, laying on my back, I can pull my own leg up (using just my battered hamstring) to about 126. Then I can pull it (semi-comfortably [though the word "comfortable" has a whole new meaning to me at the moment]) using my hands or scooting down towards it and today was at 131, with only mild STOPMkayTHANKS feelings. But how is that practical? I do mini-squats and my goddamn quad shakes like it's made of fucking jello or something. And my body looks like jello at the moment too, which I'm also not pleased about.

I can sort of walk properly (if I really work on BendHeelToeBendHeelToe), it kind of tries to hyper extend at certain moments, the hamstring attachment (that's the really hurty place that was inhibiting a lot of the bend last week) is still really irritated but now that they're sure that's what it is, Amy did some massage on it and that helped a Ton. There's a lot of pulling on the bottom of my quad, where one of the scars is. My chiropractor "talked" to my knee (no, seriously, I actually believe that he did. He also made some of the swelling go down somehow.) and said that "it's really bruised up...and really beaten up....but they did a really good job." Jesus H. Christ I hope it's true. And even if it's not, I just need to believe him anyways.

I have to go take a software proficiency test to be in the "temp" pool for The University that I'd like to get some part time hours out of. You know the other thing they don't tell you? They don't tell you that your MFA doesn't mean anything if you don't know how to make an Excel document. Sad, huh. Hopefully I'll know enough for the test. I got a part time position as a personal trainer (which I'd rather do SO MUCH MORE than temping) at a small clinic which I'm really excited about. I start that next week I think.
My brain is still foggy, I usually know what day it is but the fact that I have PT on M, W, F and I already had it once this week helps me to remember that "oh, it must be Wednesday." I can't remember times of appointments that I made or what I need to do today or tomorrow or how long I slept or anything. Hormones or the last dregs of vicodin leaving my system. Who knows.
So what do you do when someone asks you what you want for your birthday and really the only answer is "my old normal life back".

Great now I'm crying.

I guess some stuff for my new apartment would be nice too. That answer scares people away a little bit less.

Here are pictures from today, 3 weeks (actually, 3 weeks and 1 day) after ACL surgery. It doesn't even look like anything fucking happened. I've had rope burns 10 times worse that the stupid like scratches on my leg. Lame. I wish it felt as good on the inside as it looks on the outside (except for the pale fatty thing going on. Ignore that.)

In the photo below, the little diagonal mark above my knee cap is the place that pulls a lot. Methinks that's where they had to go through the muscle to get to bone and crap. But who the hell knows. It's still a bit swollen. The 2 little up and down marks (actually they're all "X"s but the cross part healed completely already) are right on the sides/on the knee cap. So yeah. Still sort of swollen up on that QuadBump.

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Josh Hawkins said...

Comment hogging? If by "comment hogging" you mean, being the only person to make comments, yeah, I guess so, but I will say, it's nice that someone does, because I know at least a few people read it. Anyhow, I always enjoy when I get a comment from you, so I'm all for you comment hogging.

Sorry that I made you cry, that really is never my intent when I give my card to someone, it really isn't. (in fact I don't think I've contemplated that being possible before. Hmmm...strange world.) Trust me, I'm rooting for the day when you're doing whatever crazy things on ropes, and poles, and swings and sheets and whatever else you want. Soon enough. It sounds like everything is coming back pretty quickly (this is from an outside, I totally don't have to deal with it on a day to day basis, point of view.)

And you'll get your old normal life back, though somehow, the word normal seems very subjective in this usage. :)

Hope the test went well, and sorry to hear you're using excel, but bills must be paid.